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Silver Beaded Ring - VitaezenSilver Beaded Ring - Vitaezen

Silver Beaded Ring

3D Rose Flower Ring - Vitaezen3D Rose Flower Ring - Vitaezen
On sale

3D Rose Flower Ring

$6.99 $9.95
Solid Silver Lines Chain Necklace - VitaezenSolid Silver Lines Chain Necklace - Vitaezen
On sale

Solid Silver Lines Chain Necklace

$8.95 $15.95
Tree of Life Bracelet - VitaezenTree of Life Bracelet - Vitaezen
On sale

Tree of Life Bracelet

$8.95 $22.95


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Vintage Tree Of Life Long Earrings - VitaezenVintage Tree Of Life Long Earrings - Vitaezen
On sale

Vintage Tree Of Life Long Earrings

$9.95 $14.95
Round Swirl Long Earring - VitaezenRound Swirl Long Earring - Vitaezen
On sale

Round Swirl Long Earring

$9.95 $14.95
Three-dimensional Silver Plated Earrings - VitaezenThree-dimensional Silver Plated Earrings - Vitaezen
On sale


Best Sellers

Wood Glass Life Tree Necklace - VitaezenWood Glass Life Tree Necklace - Vitaezen
On sale

Wood Glass Life Tree Necklace

$8.96 $11.95
Tree Design Pendant Necklace - VitaezenTree Design Pendant Necklace - Vitaezen
On sale

Tree Design Pendant Necklace

$8.95 $16.95
Wooden Glass Cabochon Necklace - VitaezenWooden Glass Cabochon Necklace - Vitaezen
On sale

Wooden Glass Cabochon Necklace

$7.95 $9.95
Chakra Handmade Bracelet - VitaezenChakra Handmade Bracelet - Vitaezen
On sale

Chakra Handmade Bracelet

$9.95 $19.95